Friday, July 17, 2009

>Beep!< Yeah, Your Answering Machine Called Me....

I was going through some of my old comic strip blog links and notice that there are a lot of them where no posts anymore. Late 2007 into 2008 seems to be where most of them end. More than likely the people doing them just got overwhelmed with real life and quit posting or even started another blog unrelated to the comic strip one and now focus more time on that one. Only one that I can find has come to an end because the comic strip ended. Crap Every Time, a blog which made fun of the comic panel "They'll Do It Every Time" was honestly the blog that got me wanting me to start my own blog (my original choice was "Beetle Bailey", how would that've done?). She even has a small list of other comic strip related blogs in her sidebar and I went through, looking at them to see what's still going on.

The Amazing Spider-Blog, ended in October 2008 but moved to Meekrat.
Marmaduke Explained, ended in April 2009 but moved to
Plugwatch 200X, ended in February 2008.
Reynard Noir: The Seedy Underworld of Slylock Fox, ended in November 2008.
The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch, ended in July 2007.
Comics Remixed, ended in April 2009 after Universal Press threatened legal action.
Going Antisane with Gasoline Alley, ended in July 2008.
Love Is...Explained, ended in June 2008.

I know there are others out there but these are the ones that seemed to last the longest and wasn't just the brainchild of a drunk college student. It's gotten to the point where, aside from The Comics Curmudgeon, sites doing more than just your average comic snarking will be the ones that are still around. That's one reason I began doing other stuff besides LAMNB because if I had to have one blog for that, another for the Point of Beginning and another for my Story Series, I'd go crazy and one of them would have to end.

I also seem to notice that some comic blogs don't update regularly anymore, maybe once a week or twice a week and that's too bad but I completely understand. I'm sure after the summer is over, I'll have to start cutting back but I promised a summer of new entries and I'm going to stand by that. Anyway, I think someone needs to bring back "The Seedy Underworld of Slylock Fox" (hey, bring it here!). Posting the Slylock Fox comic with short detective noir fiction would be cool. I read it.

Okay, enough rambling. Onto today's strip.
Born Loser 07-17-09
Ha ha. Isn't that cute? Brutus is yelling at a machine. Okay, has anything like this ever happened before? I want to say it can happen but is not very likely. When I used to work in a call center we had weird stuff happen to our phones all the time but an answering machine never called us.