Saturday, July 11, 2009

People Hate the Family Circus

My local paper actually mentioned comic strip snarking yesterday. While the article mainly focused on "The Family Circus", they mentioned the classic Dysfunctional Family Circus. I chimed in during the comments to post some other great links. Check it out.

For kicks, here is today's Family Circus:
Family Circus 07-11-09
Not much going on here. Jeffy's just being stupid again which is ironic since Jeffy actually does the strip now with his father (the now 102-year-old Bil Keane). I think Jeff just likes seeing himself in the paper which is why he uses Jeffy a lot which is unfortunate because then it waters down the supposed "cuteness" of the actual character and just makes him look stupid.

Born Loser 07-11-09
Well, we almost get to see Kewpie in today's strip.

I hate when dogs bark at nothing. It's like they are just barking to let you know they are there. I don't like it when dogs bark anyway, it's just annoying and usually pointless and stupid. Like Jeffy.

I think Brutus could've phrased this better so as not to make Wilberforce look stupid. "The dog is just barking at will, anymore"? Really? That's how you'd phrase that. Not: "The dog is just barking at nothing now." Or: "That dog will bark at anything." Even "Wilberforce, get my gun" would've been sufficient.