Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth Everyone

Born Loser 07-04-09
The Thornapples must live in a town where doing fireworks within the city limits is illegal. I live in one of those towns. I'm glad they have that law because it's a college town and there was a house that burned down a couple years ago because some kids were shooting off fireworks inside the house, and it wasn't even July 4th. Just imagine what could happen if fireworks were legal.

I honestly have nothing against fireworks except the way some people shoot them off a week before until a week after every day from early evening until two in the morning. It also makes me mad when people say shooting off fireworks should be a right and that it's a great tribute to our country but most fireworks are made in China.

I remember a couple years or so ago when I wanted to buy really good fireworks and they had these huge $40 ones featuring a Hummer or tank or some military garbage like that and it said in huge red, white, blue and yellow letters "Made in the USA!" I stuck with the fireworks that were made in China.