Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Wants to Marry a Thornapple?

Born Loser 07-13-09
No. The problem with reality shows is that they are getting stupider. They are no longer based in the flimsy "reality" early reality shows were set in. Nowadays reality shows have more writers then most sitcoms and more drama then most dramas.

I hate reality shows. I didn't mind when it was all survive on an island or lose weight with other like-minded fat people but the ones out today are stupid and I will be so glad when people stop watching them and they go away. This annoying television fad has already lasted for ten years (it began in 1999, 1992 if you want to count "The Real World" but I don't) and as a self-taught Professor of Television Programs, that's well more than the average of most other television fads.