Monday, July 20, 2009

#198: Chain Letter

Greeting, I am a teacher; recently a retired attorney friend of mine sent me a letter relating a very interesting experience, which I would like to share with you. I'll just quote his letter, for the contents are simple.

"A few years ago, a man came to me with a letter. He asked me to verify the fact that this was legal to do. I told him I would review and get back to him. When I first read the letter my client brought me, I thought it was some sort "off the wall" idea to make money. A week and a half later, we met in my office to discuss the issue. I told him the letter he originally brought me was not 100% legal. My client then asked me to alter it to make it legal. I asked him to make one small change in the letter.

I was still curious about the letter, so he explained to me how it works. I thought it seemed like a long shot. I decided against participating, but before my client left, I asked him to keep me updated on the results. About 2 months later, he called me to tell me he had received over $800,000 in cash. I didn't believe him, so I asked him for a copy of the letter. I followed the instructions exactly, mailed 200 letters, and sure enough, the money stated [sic] coming in. It started slowly at first, but after about three weeks, I was getting more mail than I could open in a day. After about three months, the money stopped coming in. I kept precise records of the earnings and in the end, it totaled $978,493.00!! I could hardly believe it. I met with my friend for lunch to find out exactly how it worked. He told me there were quite a few similar letters around, but this one was different, because there six names at the end of the letter, not five like some others. This fact alone results in your name being in far more returns. The other fact was the help I gave him, making sure the whole thing was legal, since no one want to take the risk of doing something illegal.

By now, you are surely curious to know what a small change to make, if you sent a letter like this one out, in order for it to be legal, you must actually sell something to receive the dollars in return. So when you send a dollar to each of the names on the list, you include these words: 'PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST", and include your name and address. This is key to the program. The service you will receive for the dollar you send to the six people on the following page is that your name will be put on their mailing list.

At the time I first got this idea, I was earning a good living as a layer [sic]. But everyone in the legal profession will tell you there is a lot of stress that comes with the job. I told myself, if things work out; I would retire from my practice and play golf. I decided to try the letters again, but this time I sent out 500 copies. Three months later, I had totaled $2,341,178.00.

Here are a few reasons a person might give for not trying the program:
*Some people think they can never make a lot of money with anything this simple
*Some are afraid they will be ridiculed for trying.
*Some dream of large sums of money, but do nothing to actually achieve it.
*Some are just plain lazy.
*Some are afraid of losing their investment. They think this program is designed to beat them out of a few dollars.

The system works, if you just try it! But you must follow the directions EXACTLY, and in less than three months, you will receive $800,000.00 GUARANTEED.

Keep what you are doing to yourself for a while. Many will tell you it won't work and will try to talk you our of your dreams. Please let me know of you success after it works.