Thursday, July 09, 2009

Brutus No Work

Born Loser 07-09-09
Today's strip marks a first. We see Brutus' feet. I've learned that very few cartoonists can draw feet, they always just look like fat lumps with little ridges on them. Of course I'd rather have feet look like that then my grandpa's feet which were all wrinkly, yellow and dry...

Mother Gargle needs to leave Brutus alone. As long as there are no pressing matters to deal with around the house, Brutus is well within his right to lounge in his chair. Brutus works hard all week for R.W. Veeblefester and if Brutus is like any other person in America who has a job, he enjoys his downtime and hates coming home to work after he has been at work! That doesn't make him unambitious--it makes him human.