Sunday, May 10, 2009

#191: The End of MySpace?

No, I'm pretty sure MySpace isn't going anywhere but I'm wondering what I'm going to do with it. I've had MySpace since the summer of 2006 and I used to post a blog on it which ran for, like, 88 entries but eventually I realized that I was in my twenties and decided to use LiveJournal and then Blogger to rant about my life. I would just delete my MySpace account but there are three friends on it that don't have Facebook and I'm becoming more of a Facebook fan because I don't have to look at the blinking, flashy crap people put on their MySpace profiles however I do wish that Facebook had more color choices than blue. I also think Facebook is a bit more adult than MySpace because I hate receiving bulletins. I really do. Especially when they are questionnaires and excerpts from people's lives. That's what blogs are for.

I'm a huge fan of technology and I jumped on the MySpace wagon, Facebook, IM'ing but I don't know understand Twitter. Well, I understand it but I think it's stupid. Who really wants to know what you are doing every other minute of everyday? I haven't updated my Twitter status in over a month (@tauycreek if anyone cares). I find Twitter stupid and the Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN thing awhile ago made me mad. Ashton's kind of a douche just so you all know. And CNN goes around raping people's wives.

I've thought about changing up my MySpace and make it more based on Tauy Creek, Watch This and Point of Beginning but I'm not really sure I want to start all that editing and then not like it and have to revert it back. Since I started using the Internet regularly, I've been looking for a place where I could have my own website for really cheap. My first was The Corner of 16th & Massachusetts, a site on Yahoo! GeoCities which has recently shut down. I only kept that for a couple months before using MySpace for everything until trying to start up a Blogger blog (I had an original Watch This Space at and I numbered each entry but I finally brought it to an end after #39 when I realized I wanted to do Losers Are Made, Not Born. In fact, I think #38 was a prelude to LAMNB by featuring the strip being made fun of but with the last panel cut off (lousy formatting).

I wonder how many would stick around if MySpace starting charging for their services?

Until next time, I remain...