Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, I Guess.....

Born Loser 05-10-09
FYI, Chip Sansom lives in Ohio just in case you couldn't tell from all of his Ohio references.

Tomato juice became Ohio's state beverage in 1965, the same year that The Born Loser began. Coincidence? I think so. I don't like tomatoes plain either but I like them on my burgers and other sandwiches but they have to be decent tomatoes, not wilted or rotting or flat slivers pretending to be tomatoes. Usually I say no tomatoes unless I can tell what they look like and know that they are decent tomatoes. However, Brutus seems to have some form of utter disdain for the fregetable. And I'm pretty sure it's because his mother was sexually assaulted by a tomato and Brutus walked in on them.

Something bothers me about today's strip though, where's a Mother's Day reference? I had worked myself up waiting for a Mother's Day strip and this strip has let me down. Which you'd think I'd be used to by now.