Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Secret Identity #1.11

"Conduit!" Cal Nolan called over the headset Prime Officer Conduit wore as he flew around Centropolis. "What do you see? What's the latest?"

"Imminent death and destruction as far as I can tell," Conduit said. "And I don't think there's anything we can do to stop this."

"I find that implausible, Conduit," Nolan said.

"They're all over the city, Mayor. No corner--city or suburb--has been left untouched."

Giant missiles had pierced Earth's atmosphere and had embedded themselves in every nook and cranny in the city. Along with BrainWave's ship, the city was now under total panic and Mayor Nolan finally issued the evacuation of the city.

"Are those things related to that BrainWave alien?" Nolan asked.

"I wouldn't doubt it, sir," Conduit said.

Inside BrainWave's ship, Visor and Magic Man stood in BrainWave's main console room. "What are those things?" Magic Man asked.

"They are your death. This planet has proved itself to be unworthy of preservation so I will simply destroy it," BrainWave said.

"We're not going to let you do that," Visor said.

"But it has already begun," BrainWave said and turned his back to Visor and Magic Man.

Near the moon, another ship approached and as it entered Earth's atmosphere, it changed it's trajectory and began heading to Centropolis."

"The Final Hour"
"Where is she?!" Barney shouted as he grabbed Father MacVicar by the collar. Barney shoved him against the wall. "You better tell me where she is or I will crush your skull!"

"Do you thing that's wise to potentially kill a man of the cloth when you have no proof that he did anything?" Father MacVicar asked.

"We'll find her body. We'll tear this town apart to find Miranda and if we have to, we'll tear you apart and both Andy and I will make sure that no one finds the pieces," Barney threatened which put a worried look on MacVicar's face.

Andy, using his super speed, went all around the city of Independence looking for Miranda. He tried every door on every house and went detected as he searched. His search yielded no results so he expanded his search to the rural areas of town.

Standing alone in a pasture, a simple building stood abandoned. The small stone building was once part of something bigger but years of abandonment and neglect ended up wiping away most of the building. Only a small stone portion covered by a wooden roof still stood, boarded up so no one could enter the building. On the side of the building, away from the road, there was one way in. Broken wood boards in the window. Inside the building was the slaughtered and bloody body of Miranda Johnston. It was one of the last places Andy looked and he nearly destroyed the building to get inside.

He picked up the body and quickly rushed her back to Independence. Within the next hour, Father MacVicar was arrested and investigations promptly began into other missing children cases around the state and children from MacVicar's early parrishes came forward to reveal that Father MacVicar molested them.

Before they gave MacVicar to the police, Andy grabbed MacVicar and flew him high up into the air, far above Independence. "Mason City! Remember it?"

"Yeah. It was a nice town. I enjoyed being there," MacVicar was scared of the height.

"You killed someone there didn't you?" Andy asked. When MacVicar didn't answer, Andy acted like he was going to drop him.

"Yes. Yes! There was this girl there!" MacVicar shreiked. "I can't remember her name but I saw her walk by the church a lot. I liked the way her breasts looked in the tank top shirts she would wear."

"You sick son of a bitch!" Andy growled. "I hope you die!"

Kyle tried his hardest to lift the rock that trapped him and Jess against a building, he even tried to lift the rock that pinned her leg but neither one would budge. "I'm sorry, Jess," Kyle said.

Jess chuckled. "Why are you sorry? You didn't cause any of this."

"I can't lift the rocks."

"Well, the rocks are really the least of my worries, Kyle. The city is about to be annihilated by an alien. Where's Andy when you need him?" Jess sighed.

"What would Andy do?" Kyle asked. "It's not like he can stop the alien or help move the rocks."

Jess tried to cover up what she said. "But at least he would be here."

"Where is Andy anyway?" Kyle asked. "He just took off one night."

"He's off with Barney on a case."

"I'm not a huge fan of Barney but Andy is at least showing more initiative than he has since he left Mason City," Kyle explained.

"And I'm all for that," Jess said. "Kyle?"


"Come lay with me," Jess spread her arms, inviting herself to Kyle. He smiled and got down on the ground with her and held her.

Alexis and Mike were almost directly under BrainWave's ship. Alexis was busy snapping pictures while Mike was recording his voice describing the ship and what he and Alexis did to get to get that close to the ship.

"I don't know how much longer we will be able to stand in this position, but aside from the Centropolis Police and Mayor Nolan own police, we seem to be the only other people this close to the ship. The city is covered with metallic missiles as far as the eye can see. They are embedded in every street and building in the city and no one knows what they were sent to do but if they are related to BrainWave, it can't be good," Mike spoke into the recorder.

"We're lucky we didn't get pierced by one," Alexis said as she took more pictures and began making her way to get a different angle of the ship.

"What are you kids doing?" shouted one of Mayor Nolan's officers.

"We're not kids," Alexis replied.

"We're journalists. We're getting story and pictures of the ship," Mike said.

"You two need to get out of here. We don't know what that BrainWave creature is going to do next," the officer said.

"Then it shouldn't matter," Alexis said. "We're staying put."

Mike caught something in the corner of his eye. He turned his head and looked up. He saw something off in the distance and pointed toward it. "What's that?" he asked. No one knew.

The ship came undetected due to all the commotion but it screamed into Earth's atmosphere and quickly aimed toward BrainWave's ship. By the time Mayor Nolan saw it and ordered his men to pursue, it was too late. The huge ship collided, full force, with BrainWave's ship sending both of them crashing down into the buildings of Centropolis. Several collapsed on top of the ships leaving only smoldering wreckage. Alexis and Mike along with the officer ran over to the destruction to see what was going on.

When they got there, rocks and the walls to the ships were being pushed out of the way by Visor and Magic Man. Climbing out of the rubble besides Visor and Magic Man were Kismet, BrainWave and three other mysterious aliens.

When BrainWave saw what had happened and who did it, he attacked and grabbed one of the aliens by the throat. "You!" he screamed. "I should of killed all of you when I had the chance!"

Another alien used a power similar to Visor's to get BrainWave to drop his supposed ally. "But you didn't. You may have had control of us before but all of this ends now!" he said.

The male alien attacked BrainWave, knocking him down and sliding down the rubble of the ships and buildings. A slug-like alien began heading down the rubble but Visor stopped the female alien that BrainWave had grabbed.

"What's going on?" he demanded. "Who are you?"

"I am Vanxu. The big guy is Vandal and the slug is Paz. BrainWave destroyed our homes after he promised us he wouldn't as long as we help him with his collecting. We've been hunting him for a long time but it all ends now!" Vanxu said.

Visor noticed that BrainWave was getting the upperhand on Vandal. "Well you've got all the help you need from Magic Man and me," Visor said and the three took off toward BrainWave who was now getting attacked by Paz and Vandal.

BrainWave was soon overpowered by the five heroes and Paz trapped him in a force field projected by a yellow light from his chest. "We take BrainWave," Paz said in a slithering voice.

"How are you going to take him? Your ship has been destroyed," Magic Man asked.

"I can teleport us off of this planet to another ship we have docked on your moon," Vanxu said. "Thank you for helping us with BrainWave. Sorry we couldn't get here before he caused all this damage and laced your city with these missiles," she apologized.

"That's another thing, how do we get rid of these missiles?" Visor asked.

"With BrainWave defeated you can easily take the missiles and place them somewhere where they can't hurt anybody," Vandal said.

"I think I can do something slightly easier than that," Magic Man said. "Sere Hamuus Jir Tyo Grammon!" Magic Man said and suddenly all of the missiles disappeared.

"What'd you do to them?" Visor asked.

"I used my magic to send the missiles to the sun. Besides super strength and flight, I can also use magic to do just about anything," Magic Man revealed.

"Where did you come from?" Alexis said appearing behind the heroes gathering. They all looked at her as her question wasn't directed toward any one person. "Would you mind staying for a few minutes while I get some pictures and my friend here gets some information from you?"

Clean-up of Centropolis immediately began and Magic Man used his magic to send some the destruction to the sun. Removed a group of boulders revealed Kyle and Jess. "Ms. Murrow?" Magic Man said, surprised as the rubble around them disappeared.

"What?" Jess asked, not really understanding him in all the commotion going on around them.

"I mean, you're the first person we've found buried in the rubble," Magic Man covered up and helped Jess out. "Are you okay?"

"I think my ankle's broken but otherwise I'm fine," Jess said.

"I'll take you to the hospital," Magic Man said and prepared to leap into the air.

"Wait! Kyle, do you want to come with me?" she asked.

"I'll make my way over there. I'm going to help out with the clean up."

"Okay, take me away," Jess said and Magic Man leapt into the air. "Who are you?" she asked Magic Man.

"I'm Magic Man," he answered. "I'm kind of a new hero in the city."

"You seem familiar," Jess said looking hard at Magic Man.

Magic Man landed outside the emergency room of the hospital and dropped off Jess. Magic Man ducked into an alley and a few seconds later, Eli Watterson emerged from the alley. "Whew," Eli sighed, glad Ms. Murrow didn't make the connection.

Alexis and Mike become local celebrities after their exposes on the BrainWave battle; Andy and Barney return to Centropolis and Andy gets chastised by Jess about once again not being there for the city. Mayor Nolan tries to find Kismet and Visor decides to leave the city. Andy meets a new coworker.

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