Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Seis de Mayo!!

You know, I completely forgot about posting a comic yesterday. I was busy working and never got around to it. But we didn't get much except a very badly colored Mexican man.
Born Loser 05-05-09

As for today's strip:
Born Loser 05-06-09
We still don't get much. I'm thinking Brutus got the words mixed up thus being the joke of the strip (he's broke so he needs fixing). However, if Brutus really does live that that motto then it makes me wonder how the Veeblefester Corporation has lasted this long. Another thing that needs clarifying is Brutus' position at Veeblefester Inc. In some strips he seems like 'Fester's right-hand man and here he just heads up one department. Which is it Chip? Which is it?!

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