Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Secret Identity #1.9

As dawn broke, a massive ship was only a few miles above Centropolis. Everyone saw it and wondered what it was and what it was doing there. Cal Nolan has stared out of the window inside the NolanMark for several hours while his space and aeronautics teams studied the ship and tried to get a communication link up to the ship.

"Why the hell is this taking so long?" Cal snapped.

"We're being blocked. Every time we find an open channel, the ship blocks that one. There's no way we're opening communications with this thing."

"Keep trying. This thing is hovering over my city. Are the police on standby?" Cal asked.

"Yes, sir," said Cal's assistant. "Both the city police and the NolanMark police."

"Good. They both need to be ready at a moment's notice to attack."

Inside the ship, a tall, lanky figure stood at a huge monitor scanning a crystal clear image of Centropolis. The figure scanned the image and centered in on Centropolis' second tallest building, 1 Centropolis Tower. The figure tapped a few buttons on his massive console and a second later, a laser beam flew out of the ship and into the tower decimating the top 16 stories leaving only charred remains of brick and steel.

"That could've been us," Cal stared in awe at the Centropolis Tower. "Who gives a damn about communication, give the order to the police. Attack!"

Visor flew toward the ship with the hopes of punching his way into it. Instead, as soon as he got close to the ship another laser shot out, striking Visor square in the chest and rocketing him back into an apartment building. Visor clawed his way out of the rubble and made sure that people were evacuating the building then flew back to the ship but kept a safe distance.

"Gotta rethink this. Maybe from behind..." Visor said and flew out of the way of the ship and toward the back of the ship. The ship was unarmed and vulnerable from what Visor could see so he carefully flew into a loading port. Visor carefully walked into the dark port. Suddenly the lights turned on and something big hit him in the back of the head and everything went dark.

The NolanMark police were sent out. After seeing what happened with Visor, they kept their distance. The city police were on the ground keeping people away from the battlesite. The NolanMark Police fired at the ship but their guns had no effect. As the police were starting to give up, a voice boomed from the ship. "I am BrainWave! I have travelled the universe in search for the greatest minds. This planet is next. I will decimate all of your countries in my search for them but your legacy will live on in my ship. You will obey and you will pull back any military actions. BrainWave has spoken!" and the ship went silent again.

Cal pulled back the police force but kept the city police in the streets to keep the populace away from where the ship was hovering.

Cal wondered when and how BrainWave would attack. He wasn't prepared and he hated feeling that way. Visor hadn't been seen in over half an hour and his police force was no match for that massive ship. Cal exhaled sharply and left the aeronautic center and returned to his office. He shuddered to think what BrainWave would do next.

BrainWave smiled and took leave of his post. He walked to another part of the ship where Visor was being held by giant robotic tentacles. "Your city is cowering," BrainWave said. "Did you actually believe you had found a weak spot in my defenses? I've been cascading through the universe for thousands of years, I've learned a thing or two about how people feel about what I am doing."

"You're destroying their livelihoods!" Visor said.

"I am keeping their history alive. Taking their greatest and intelligent minds and allowing them to live on forever," BrainWave said.

"But you destroy their civilization!" Visor added.

"Because if I didn't, it would continue to grow and evolve. The civilization must come to an end in order for everything to remain the same."

"I haven't been around long but that's a horrible argument," Visor scoffed.

"When Earth is annihilated, I will dump you back there to rot!" BrainWave sneered.

Kyle was hurriedly packing up his important stuff when Kismet suddenly crackled into his room. "Kismet! It's been a while. Where've you been?"

"Exploring. Checking things out. Thought I'd help out on this alien ship thing."

"Probably a good idea. Visor attacked it earlier this morning and he hasn't been seen since. Me and Jess are packing up our essentials and are going to head out of town. Andy is with Barney on a case," Kyle explained. "I'm sure you can stop that ship. Or at least help out Visor if he's still alive."

"I'm on it. You keep packing and stay safe," Kismet said and then shot out of the window toward the ship.

Jess came into Kyle's bedroom. "What's going on in here?" she asked.

"Kismet's going to help out," Kyle smiled.

Kismet flew several times around the ship looking for a weak spot or something that would help her. Instead, she enveloped the ship in a huge ball of electricity. Inside the ship, computer monitors shattered and electronic equipment shorted out.

BrainWave abandoned Visor and ran to the main console to see what was happening. Visor, his powers no longer nullified by the restraints broke himself out and quickly flew out of the ship. He noticed the lasers pointing at Kismet and starting to warm up. He flew as fast as he could and pushed Kismet out of the way, barely skirting the laser.

"Thanks for that," she said.

"Thanks for doing whatever you did to help me out of that ship," Visor said.

"Well, the two of us should be able to stop that ship," Kismet.

"Room for one more?" asked another voice. Neither Visor or Kismet had ever heard the voice before. They turned and saw a man floating along side them in a red outfit with a styalized "MM" on his chest. The man had dark black hair and sparkling blue eyes. His white cape flowed elegantly behind him. "I'm Magic Man, and I want to help you."

Visor, Kismet and Magic Man fight BrainWave; Kyle and Jess try to get out of Centropolis while Mike and Alexis try to get pictures and a story. Andy and Barney question the preacher in Independence and Andy thinks he's solved the kidnapped.