Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brutus Is Inadequate and Fat

Nearly two days without the Internet kind of sucks. I got behind in my writing and blogging and there are so few precious days between now and the 20th when I take a break until June 1st. But here are the last three days of Brutus and the gang.

I don't trust that psychiatrist. He seems like he's not doing Brutus any good and his furniture looks really uncomfortable.

Born Loser 05-13-09
Did Brutus really need to be the shot in this strip? He doesn't say anything and just gives us his angry look when Mother Gargle insults him. Right in front of his son, that is so disrespectful. Brutus may not be much but he's the only father Wilberforce has so any comment about him is a comment about Wilberforce.

Oh, and the answer is water. Or nougat. I can't remember.

Born Loser 05-14-09
Mother Gargle's insult from yesterday led Brutus to go to the doctor where his doctor suggested he stop eating all together and just run. That's the stupidest advice I've ever heard a doctor give.

Who the hell gave these officially licensed medical practitioners their degrees?