Monday, May 18, 2009

Secret Identity #1.10

Andy and Barney sat with Father MacVicar in the church. Andy looked at him skeptically and let Barney do all the talking. But Andy listened. Listened to MacVicar's breathing and heartbeat.

"How long have you been at this church?" asked Barney.

"I was sent here about a month and a half ago. I was originally in Hutchinson for three months and in Wichita, in various churches, before that," MacVicar explained.

"Moved around a lot," Andy said suspiciously.

MacVicar smiled at Andy. "I am sent where I am needed."

"Did you know Miranda Johnston?" Barney asked.

"I knew of her. She just started coming here about two weeks ago. She really seemed troubled. I approached her after she came to last Wednesday's services. I told her she could always come talk to me in private if she needed to. She seemed very open to the idea, I even expected her to show up if not that night, the next."

"Did she ever take you up on that offer?"

MacVicar paused then looked down solemnly. "No."

"Your sermon we heard a part of," Andy began. "You can't really believe that, can you?"

"When girls your age--any age," MacVicar pointed to Andy with his hand, "dress like cheap prostitutes, they demean and undermine everything they stand for. They do, in fact, bring it on themselves."

"No girl that goes out in clothes like that expects to be attacked or raped," Andy said.

"Young man, which girl would you rather have sex with? A girl wearing a white spaghetti strap tanktop and tight jean shorts or someone who's dressed like a librarian?" MacVicar smiled.

"This isn't about me, Father," Andy snarled.

"Andy, calm down," Barney said. "One last question, Father. Did you notice if Miranda ever worse revealing clothes?"

"On more than one occasion in my church."

"Thank you, Father," Barney said and he and Andy left the church.

"He knows where she is," Andy said. "His breathing changed when we started talking about her. I say we talk to the diocese in Wichita and find out the real reason he's been moved so many times."

"I don't want to drive to Wichita," Barney whined.

"I'll call you when I get there," and Andy sped off down the street then lept into the air and flew away.

"Oh, yeah," Barney said. "I keep forgetting that."

"War On BrainWave"
"I guess we can take all the help we can get," Visor said and extended his arm for Magic Man to shake it.

"So what's the plan?" Kismet asked.

Visor and Magic Man looked at each other. Suddenly, from the front of the ship, a laser beam shot out and struck a nearby skyscraper.

"I think the first thing we need to do is disable those lasers and any other weapons that thing may have attached to it," Magic Man said.

"Then let's go to it," Visor said.

"I have an idea," Kismet said then suddenly engulfed BrainWave's ship in a huge electromagnetic shield. "Hopefully the more power I send into this shield, it should be able to short out all of BrainWave's equipment rendering him nearly powerless."

"Hope so," Visor said. "I looks like it's working." Visor noticed one of the laser guns and the windows on the ship begin to break and shatter. "Magic Man, follow me around to the back. There's a way in and now I'm ready for any surprises that come."

Visor and Magic Man flew around to the rear of the ship and landed on the dock that Visor had entered before. Visor powered up his hand, the energy crackling around it. The arms that had grabbed Visor before were limp and powerless after Kismet's attack. Magic Man cautiously walked behind Visor.

On the ground, Mike and Alexis were trying to work their way to the ship. Streets were blocked off, and police were guarding the area, keeping people out. Also, people were being evacuated which made it hard to walk through some of the streets.

"This alien invasion could make our career, Mike," Alexis said.

"Or end our lives," Mike smiled. "I can't believe I agreed to come with you."

"Yeah, but you did. And you can't go back on it now."

They were now only a couple blocks away from the ship, near the rubble of the recently destroyed building. They could clearly see the ship and both gasped in amazement when they saw the ship up close.

"That thing is huge. I sure hope Visor and Kismet can stop it," Mike said.

"I'm sure they will be able to. Come on, let's try to get underneath it," Alexis began climbing over the rubble and Mike followed.

"You just want us to die, don't you?"

Kyle and Jess were trying to leave the city. They had planned to head down to Mason City but things were not going well. Most of downtown was barricaded to people out but it was also hindering people trying to get out. The city wasn't under evacuation, Mayor Nolan had not ordered it but people were evacuating anyway.

"I don't think we're going to be able to get out of town," Jess said.

"We just need to find one street or alley that isn't barricaded and we'll be able to get to Mason City," Kyle said. "I'll keep you safe."

Over at BrainWave's ship, BrainWave ran to the main console and saw Kismet hovering outside his ship. "Her!" he snarled.

BrainWave closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Suddenly, Kismet looked as if she was hit. She began flying toward the ship with a blank expression on her face. BrainWave opened the door in the cockpit and let Kismet in.

Kismet went to a room and began using her powers to charge the ship back up, practically fixing everything. BrainWave then began blasting more buildings in the city, completely destroying them.

Kyle and Jess dodged several falling bricks, stone and glass but became trapped against the foundation of the building. Visor and Magic Man finally arrived at BrainWave, angrier than before.

"How the hell did you do that?" Visor growled.

"I used your friend," BrainWave pointed to Kismet in the electrical closet. "You can't stop me. I will destroy your civilization!"

Andy had been gone for six hours which worried Barney but Andy returned to Independence. "I spoke with the Bishop of the Wichita Diocese and our Father MacVicar has been moved more than seven times. Four churches in Wichita and the three he mentioned," Andy began.

"So? He already told us about that. Why was he moved so much?"

"At every single church, Father MacVicar was accused of sexual molestation. Both boys and girls. The church moved him in order to avoid a scandal," Andy said.

"I think we should pay Father MacVicar another visit," Barney stood up and grabbed his coat.

Miranda was crying. Father MacVicar came into the building brandishing a knife. "I'm sorry, Miranda. I have to do this. They're getting too close to finding you and my secret," MacVicar grabbed Miranda and held her. He began crying as he pressed the knife against Miranda's throat and began moving from left to right very slowly. "Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name....."

Barney hunts down Father MacVicar while Andy looks for Miranda; Visor and Magic Man fight BrainWave; Mike and Alexis try to save Kyle and Jess.