Friday, May 01, 2009

Let the Summer Weight Jokes Begin!

Born Loser 05-01-09
Why do grossly overweight people still feel the need to look good in a bathing suit? Most even slightly overweight people I know won't even attempt because they know they wouldn't look good. Plus we don't really need to see Gladys in a bathing suit. I've seen enough disturbing things in my life.

Also, I'm hoping to get all the writing I'm past due on done this weekend and posted throughout the week. Plus, a new header will be posted starting June 1st and something new will be starting then too. There's also a new poll up to vote on which two Story Series will NOT return in the Fall. I'm also coming up on my 500th post of WTS and 200th post of POB so I'll try to find something special to do with them when the time comes. Enjoy.