Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wilberforce, Rancid, Wastrel...What's Next?

Born Loser 03-29-09
It has been awhile since we've seen Mr. Gravesite (did not know his name was Wastrel). I thought this was going to be a legitimate riddle with a bad pun at the end but no, it's just a lesson to not trust homeless vagrants.

I am highly disappointed in today's strip but I'm highly disappointed by all the strips so what else is new. I guess I'm all for actually learning Gravesite's full name so I guess the strip isn't a total loss.


Russell Pirkle said...

I've never seen so many panels with not even one joke. you'd think if you had that many panels, you'd feel obligated to do multiple jokes. I feel cheated, like reading a really long mystery book and then not finding out who the killer is

Drew said...

If I'm not mistaken, I believe his full name is Wastrel P. Gravesite. Don't know why I know that, but I do.