Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#185: Stay Out of Johnson County

So I have been without a car since about late December. I have literally been trapped in my house because who wants to walk in the cold and the public transportation here is severely mismanaged that it takes forever to get from Point A to Point B. I've had to do all my job hunting from the computer and it really hasn't been easy. I just now got my car fixed. It needed new brakes and rotors so $550 later, I finally get my car and I'm able to start training at this place in Lenexa. I had just left Lawrence and was out on K-10 passing Eudora and DeSoto when I had to move over for an emergency vehicle (a sheriff had pulled someone over) and when I stepped on the brakes, a loud thumping echoed through the car. Wondering what the hell was going on, I exited and pulled over on Kill Creek Road.

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I was essentially trapped on the side of the road in DeSoto, which I really know nothing about. After about ten minutes of me trying to fix stuff myself, a sheriff pulled up behind me. I swear that the sheriff threatened me, basically telling me to get out of the county (Johnson County, that is). For a moment I even thought he was going to drag me out of my car and drive me to the county line and dump me there. So he told me to call a tow truck and/or a friend or something to get the car moved and get out of dodge. He was oh so helpful.

So I called a tow truck from Lawrence to come out to get my car and it took twenty or thirty minutes because DeSoto is about 14 miles from Lawrence. I tried reading some but only got halfway through a chapter because things kept distracting me. The tow truck arrived and we got my car back to Lawrence and to the place where I had the brakes done at and it turned out a bolt fell out.

A bolt. Fell out. So needless to say I lost the job because I was also originally supposed to start back in February but I didn't get my tax money in time to fix my car so I called and had them postpone my start date. I called them again and they decided not to postpone this time which I completely understand. So it's back to job hunting for me. Which is something I wouldn't have to do if blogging paid all my bills (hint).

The last time I had a run-in with a Johnson County Sheriff, he also treated me like crap so I guess the morale of my story is just stay out of Johnson County, Kansas. There's nothing to see there anyway because they paved everything over to build Overland Park.

Until next time, I remain...