Tuesday, March 03, 2009

#183: I Did It All Meself

I meant to have this post up and ready sometime during the weekend but I suck. So sue me.

I found out here, got confirmation here and saw proof here that the Paws Incorporated Conglomerate is creating another Garfield property. Life According to Garfield is a weekly panel dispensing humorous* anecdotes about life and such. When I saw that, the first thing I thought was "Yay, more Garfield!" but it was in a more sarcastic tone and I'm pretty sure I made a raspberry at the end of the exclamation.

What I don't like is that Jim Davis used to do Garfield by himself then Garfield became some huge property and was able to make millions of dollars so Davis started Paws, Inc. in order to produce both the strip and those day-to-day calendars. Why can't Jim Davis do his own damn comic strip? I understand not doing the calendars and air fresheners but you should do your own flippin' strip. I know he would just say that he's protecting the integrity of his character but there are people you can hire to do that for you and if they don't, you can fire them.

Remember U.S. Acres? That was another Paws Amalgamation that was condemned by Bill Watterson:
U.S. Acres I think is an abomination. ...Jim Davis has his factory in Indiana cranking out this strip about a pig on a farm. I find it an insult to the intelligence, though it's very successful. -from Honk magazine.

I liked U.S. Acres but when a cartoonist doesn't even do what he was hired for just pisses me off. Scott Adams started outsourcing a few years ago (1998 or something like that) but Jim Davis takes advantage of the situation. God bless Charles Schulz and Bill Watterson and any other cartoonist who does their own work.

I'm hoping the new comic fails because, seriously, what does Garfield know about life? He's a cat. All he does (or should do) is eat and sleep. As much as I would love to have someone do my work for me, there's a certain satisfaction with making your own work that millions of people enjoy. I hope the millions** of people who read my blog enjoy it and take solace in the fact that I have written all 421 posts by myself for you to read.

And just say 'no' to Paws Amalgamations.