Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday Night I Crashed Your Party Like a Candle In a Wind

I've been try to get a lot done the last few days. I finally got the season finale of Landsman up along with chapter 2 of Seven. I had to postpone Chapter 8 of Secret Identity but I have at least started it. There's also something else I wanted to get done and posted but now I can't remember it. Oh well, onto today's strip.

Born Loser 03-15-09
Billy Joel and Elton John, huh? I like how they are only mentioned in the throwaway panels so newspapers who don't publish those won't know what concert they are going to.

I have to admit that this strip made me laugh. But what I find strange is that they arrived with just enough time to run up to see the opening song. Don't most people give themselves enough time to meander their way through the crowds and the line; maybe look at some of the concert souvenirs and maybe take a couple of hits off their bong? The last concert I went to (My Chemical Romance, March 2007, Topeka Expocentre) we had to stand in line forever to get in and then the concert took another hour to start so if I had forgotten the tickets, there would've been plenty of time to go back to Lawrence and get them. But now I'm just kvetching.

On a side note, I am going to see Dave Matthews Band in concert in September and like every other Dave Matthews fan, I will be wearing a suit exactly like Brutus'.