Monday, August 29, 2022

Used Cars Are Expensive Right Now. Can You Really Afford One?

May 1, 1974
Why would Brutus be late when it rains. He was at the bottom of the goddamn ocean the other day and seemed to be making it to work okay. He can make it to work during a flood of biblical proportions but not when rain is in the forecast.

What do they need a second car for? Brutus takes the bus to work most of the time leaving the car at the house for Gladys to use.

And I get it, gas prices are kind of high right now. The joke still could've been "...if you don't mind not eating anymore." Or, " will give us a second bedroom when we can't pay for the house." And my personal favorite, "...if you have no qualms selling Wilberforce to some shady people."