Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Just Let Him Stare Off Into Space

May 9, 1974
Oh, I don't think the police are going to get there in time. Honestly, it would probably be easier, and definitely quicker, to just make a lot of noise and run downstairs and hope the burglar gets scared and runs off.

So The Born Loser is based in Littleliversville, Ohio? No, I don't like that name. I'm just going to go back to thinking they live in a real suburb of Cleveland like Chagrin Falls or Garfield Heights or North Royalton. (Why are so many suburbs of Cleveland "Something Heights"?)

Huh. Kind of like if you call the local police department.

I don't understand, and will probably never understand, why Mother Gargle just can't leave Brutus alone. Shut up. You're not so great yourself.