Thursday, August 04, 2022

Summer Math Is the Worst Math

I have made it over 100,000 words in my novel. For comparison, the last book I wrote was just over 62,000 words. I still have a bit to go and I know things will get added and removed when I go through editing. But at 100,082 words, Vagabond Girl is now the longest single thing I've written.

May 20, 1974
Hey, that's just Veeblefester in a fake mustache.

Kordiak sounds like the name of someone Art would know. Surely it can't be famed Anoka County, Minnesota county commissioner Albert Kordiak, but you never know.

I love that the wine was bottled this month.

What kind of fresh hell is this? Why are teachers sending out homework over summer break? Did this use to happen? She better not expect that pack of math problems to return to school or be graded because that's crap. I don't have to do this. You don't have any power over me.

Also, why you opening my mail, Ma? I know I'm 9 but I should have a reasonable expectation of privacy.