Monday, August 08, 2022

Check Out

August 14, 1974
A character that no longer appears is housekeeper/janitor Agnes. From what I've seen, Agnes has done some housekeeping at the Thornapples and at the Veeblefester Corporation. I don't know when Agnes made her last appearance but it's a character that Chip has seemingly dropped. I would assume it's because it's kind of hard to make an uneducated person just doing their job funny in these modern times.

Same reason Wastrel Gravesite has only made 13 appearances in the strip in the nearly 15 years I've been doing this.

Can we hurry this up? I feel like there's a line and neither of you seem to care. And yes I would like my groceries in two bags. It's clear you have my fresh vegetables next to my box of borax.