Sunday, August 07, 2011

Their Name Is Mud

Shortly after I started working for that cable company mentioned a couple days ago, I got really mad at the way the place was being run (back-to-back calls, no troubleshooting worked and it was during a switch-over so no one's equipment was working) so I left. I walked out and just started driving. I wound up in Burlington, Kansas at around two in the morning. I then noticed that a police car was following me. I wasn't doing anything so I didn't think anything of it until they finally pulled me over. Basically they were wondering why someone from Lawrence was in Burlington so I told them the truth. I got mad at work so I left and just kept driving. That answer didn't appease them and the cop muttered something about drug houses and such.

Anyway, it took a while to persuade him that I was not up to no good but he finally let me go and I returned back to Lawrence. The next day, I went to work and everybody was all "Where did you go? We tried to call you? Why didn't you come back to work?" I responded with "Something suddenly came up" and left it at that. I didn't get yelled at, didn't get punished and everybody still liked me.

Tomorrow: NEPOTISM

I'm not a big horoscope person, I like to read them and I do think my personality matches my sign but I don't get the "compatibility" part of it. If you really care for someone it doesn't matter if your two signs don't get along. Besides, it may make the marriage more interesting.

Also, Hattie, Gladys is an adult and you should call her Mrs. Thornapple. I know it doesn't trip easily off the tongue but, honestly, neither does Gladys.