Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brutus' Fetish #1

I had to drive to El Dorado for work today and as I saw the "Accept Jesus Christ" and "Adoption=Life, Abortion=Death" signs, it got me wondering who puts those up. They are not on actual billboards and they are on private property and some of them look pretty worn. Were they put up by the property owner? A concerned group of citizens who asked the property owner? A church group? And do those entities still take care of (or even remember) them because one was almost knocked down, one was knocked down and a couple were barely legible through the faded paint and chipped wood.

Considering it looks like you only made five or seven, you really can't blame Brutus. Make a dozen Gladys. Make two dozen. You have a chef's hat so clearly you should know how to make a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies.

Also, I'm pretty sure Brutus is masturbating to the cookies under the table there. Good night, everybody!