Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And On the Back It Says "I'm From Missouri"

I rode with someone to help with the delivery and we listened to a lot of country music. It made me reinforce the reasons I do not like today's country music. Kenny Chesney, who is now contractually obligated to continuously wear some form of hat now, has a song out--it came out in 2010--called "The Boys of Fall." It's about football. I originally thought it was about baseball which would also be stupid to sing about. All country songs are now are depressing love/ex-love songs or masturbatory Americana.

I blame Alan Jackson and Toby Keith. Remember when country songs were actually universal and everybody could see a little bit of themselves in them. Now, all country songs are marketed to rural/Bible Belt areas, all of who want to have sex with Lady Liberty (and don't realize she is French). But maybe I am being too harsh. Let's look at some lyrics from "Where I Come From" by Alan Jackson.

I was chasin' sun on 101
somewhere around Ventura
I lost a universal joint and I had to use my finger
This tall lady stopped and asked
If I had plans for dinner
Said no thanks ma'am, back home
we like the girls that sing soprano
I wrote better poetry than this. And I can't write poetry to save my life! He mushes up the words 'finger' and 'dinner' to force them to rhyme and commits an unforgivable act by attempting to rhyme 'Ventura' and 'soprano'. Sigh. Let's move on...

Here's a bit of history for you. The 'buck' in "The buck stops here" does not refer to money but to "passing the buck", as in blaming someone else for your own actions. But I understand Veeblefester's comment about the economy but you have to wonder if a corporation based solely on the manufacturing of tea cozies is viable in this day and age.