Monday, August 08, 2011

Take That, Bush!!

The best email I have ever received, aside from a couple chain letters and an email from ex telling me what she liked during sex, is one I received when I worked for that cable company. One of the upper manager's email was hacked and this email was sent to everyone who worked at the company. Names and incriminating evidence has been removed.
The literal meaning of {redacted} might as well be nepotism. Unless you either live with {redacted} or a are a member of his band the probability of you being promoted into upper management is miniscule at best.
(I mean come on his entire band is in management and Cheryl the BSDM Nazi Grey lived with him and his wife when she began her tenure here,only moving out when a disgruntled employee threatened to take that information to the top since Cheryl wouldn't leave here alone as is common {redacted} policy though they forced that employee to quit in order to protect themselves. Then there is the scum at the front desk who called an African american employee the N word and when said employee complained about it they were pulled into the other Cheryl's office and told that they would lose their job if they didn't remain quiet about it. The best part to all of this is there are witnesses and records of everything just described. Toodles.
That email is word for word. Including the "Toodles" at the end. That place had problems. And as far as I know, still does. There was a cleaning crew who came in overnights to empty trash and clean so me and the other overnighters became kind of friendly with them. One night they came in and they came up to tell us they had to confront the man in charge because someone had...defecated in his office. The cleaning crew said "We'll clean it up this time, but if it happens again it's an additional $200."

After I received the email, I seriously thought about quitting. When both of the other people I worked with quit, I decided to leave, too. And I never looked back, no matter how desperate I was.

Well, it took 23 years but someone has finally come up with a joke poking fun at former President George H.W. Bush's campaign promise to not create new taxes (or raise the existing ones). And it's about time because President Bush the XLI has been getting off too easy.