Friday, August 05, 2011

He Found Those AOL CDs

When I started working overnight for a cable company, it was very easy. We had no supervisors so if for some reason someone wanted to speak with a supervisor we just told them to call back at 8 because there are no supervisors overnight. Almost every night there was this woman who called in--using a quiet, monotone voice to order a porn movie. She was very professional it. "I want to order 'Hard Bodies, Harder Sex XIV' on box 123457'. It was always on just the one box. We speculated what was going on but I just figured she really liked her porn.

One night we came in and was told one of our coworkers wasn't going to be working there anymore. We asked why and was told that he was fired because he was using his work computer to view child pornography. Turns out the guy had a rap sheet for lewd conduct with a minor and aggravated assault on a minor and for exposing himself to a minor. I should've figured something was up because I sat almost across from him and he always had his monitor turned at a weird angle and he would just sit there between calls clicking the mouse and mumbling occasionally.

I hated working that job mainly because of the way the business was run. I quit after a year. I should have a post up over at the DCR later tonight. I hope you enjoy that and yesterday and today's comics.

I don't think your therapist meant that literally. What people mean when they say "walk a mile in another person's shoes" is to think about how that person feels and see what could know what, Brutus, you are an idiot. Let's move on.

People don't call it the Information Superhighway anymore. People barely call it the World Wide Web. Just call it the Internet. I don't care what lame joke you are aiming for.