Thursday, August 18, 2011

Never Realized How Big Brutus' Ears Are

So I was thinking about NBC's The Office last night and wondering why the cameras are following around these pretty unimportant people at Dunder Mifflin. I originally thought that Michael hired them so he could send the footage off to try to get his own reality TV show which was why the cameras followed him, Pam and Ryan around when he started the Michael Scott Paper Company. I briefly thought Dunder Mifflin hired them but that would not explain the MSPC episodes or when Sabre took over. Then I began thinking: What if Jim hired them? "Why would Jim waste money on a camera crew?" I hear you cry.

For Pam.

It's been established that Pam worked at Dunder Mifflin before Jim and that he fell for her right when he met her so, to me, it makes sense that Jim--because he's the guy to put a co-worker's office supplies in a dish of Jell-O and create elaborate ruses on them--would hire a camera crew to get him and Pam's relationship on film. It explains why the camera crew followed Jim to Stanford, it explains why Jim pays more attention to the camera (other than Michael), it explains why the cameras are there during Jim and Pam's first kiss, his proposal, the baby revelation and for their wedding on the boat. It also explains the odd PB&J-centric scene in the clip show "The Banker".

Or I could just force myself to realize it is just a TV show and leave it at that. Here is today's comic:
Shoot. I was looking forward to a good Sunday comic featuring Mother Gargle.

I kid. There is no continuity in this comic.