Friday, January 23, 2009

More Swearing

Born Loser 01-23-09

We've already established that Gladys hates swearing but that was when it was on TV. You should expect swearing in movies and there is those random letters that the MPAA put on all the movies that tell you what age you have to be to see it. They've even recently started placing the reason the movie has that rating on the movie so there should be something that reads "Rated R for severe adult language" or something like that.

Also, that bleeped-out silent movie would be the most annoying movie ever (after Bride Wars of course).


xy said...

still cutting some off, but it's a very tiny portion so you can still read the comics ok.

you saw Bride Wars? why in god's name did you do that? for your sake, i hope it was better than i think it is.

also, it seems that brutus is the one talking about the swearing, at least in the last two panels.

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this may be the oddest one i've seen yet.

Anonymous said...

I did some looking into the cutting off issue and figured out that it's probably a screen resolution issue. I'm still working on it though.

No, I didn't see Bride Wars (no one should go see Bride Wars) but the commercials prove the annoying-ness.

Gladys brought it up but it's almost as if Chip forgot who was talking (or he was on another bender) because Brutus is suddenly more upset than Gladys.