Saturday, January 17, 2009

Really? A Vegetarian?

Born Loser Collection
1)I was confused by what that man was doing in the second panel until I noticed he pulled out the umbrella. How did that umbrella fit into that drawer anyway?

Wouldn't it be weird of the uncle that died here was Uncle Ted?

2)Gladys apparently didn't have good taste in friends back then. Agnes looks like Flo from Andy Capp only with a tattoo. It's the tattoo that frightens me.

3)That suit actually doesn't look too bad on Brutus even though I don't approve of the salesman's tactics.

Born Loser 01-17-09
Just a towel. Why in the hell do we have all those towels? I don't know about you but I use a washrag or one of those puffy scrubby things to wash parts of my body, not a towel. That seems like a waste of a towel.