Tuesday, January 20, 2009

#178: Future Shock

I'm looking toward the future. There are things I want to do and get done. I've been languishing lately and I'm starting to get tired of it (of course, if I had a job I wouldn't be bored all the time). I have a second book that I am not even halfway done with despite me working on it since 2006. I have two last short stories I want to get done and start on my third novel but for some reason I just can't sit down and write. I've tried and I've written a little but I just can't seem to get anything substantial down. I thought, back in November, posting some of my novel would get the juices flowing but it really didn't but I did get a couple short stories written.

Starting March 1st, I plan on doing some changes and getting my book done. I have also decided to end doing the Point of Beginning entries (the numbered entries) because I think I am going to restart it on it's own blog. The last entry will be #181 and I will let you know when POB returns. Also, if Secret Identity or Joe & Querty (an upcoming Story Series) become popular I will also move them to their own site. I have started another blog that mainly talks about the place I live and the history. I try to get some current events on there and I'm hoping to have a sort of staff at some point. Currently there are only two posts on it but I plan to only update it weekly.

As for changes to this site, Tauycreek.com will remain basically the same. Getting all technical, I was actually able to add a favicon to the site (it's a picture of Brutus talking to Veeblefester) so it's not the same old Blogger logo. I also have started posting the strips in a bigger format so you don't have to click on the strip to read it plus I think it makes the site look a little better.

Tauycreek.com celebrated it's first year yesterday and I hope to keep this thing going even longer because it's a good outlet for my writing, thoughts and my hatred of Born Loser. There may be some changes happening over the next couple of months including more things unrelated to The Born Loser but it will always be here because it was here first plus I know that's why people come to this site.

I'm also thinking of new stuff to the site to keep things interesting. I'll keep you posted and until next time, I remain...