Monday, January 05, 2009

#175: Complete and Utter Fear

This is my first attempt to do a personal vignette a la LiveJournal (something I used to have). I hope my future ones this week will be a bit wordier and more involved and detailed. Like it? Let me know. Hate it? Let me know that, too. I'm workin' hard to make this a very detailed blog so let me know how I'm doing. Coming soon, YouTube, pictures and the return of the Random Wikipedia Article. Plus, a webcomic!!!

I tense up as I type my user name and password and click the log-in button. I dread what the website will tell me and every time I log in, my heart seizes, my breath becomes labored and I get very dizzy. What website could possibly cause me to act this way? My online banking site.

I hate checking to see how much I have in my account even when I have money in my account because I'm in constant fear of having less money than I originally thought (which happens quite regularly) and I just dread doing it. I'm not one for Internet banking because of the way I act when I go to log in. I hate it. Makes me feel like less of a man.

My very first bank account, it cost to do Internet banking so of course I didn't do it. My next one I didn't use Internet banking until the very end and it was mainly to make sure a certain check went through. My current bank account is decided to use Internet banking but I didn't realize that it would cause me to have a mini-stroke every time I log in.