Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Like Brutus Much More Now

And you know Hattie also has a gun in that bag just in case Brutus says 'No.' I guess we're supposed to assume that there's quite a bit of snow on the ground since Brutus is shoveling. Anyone else notice Brutus' ear in the second panel? What's wrong with it?

Speaking of libraries, I actually happen to live near the oldest library in Kansas (and possibly the oldest library west of the Mississippi). The Coal Creek Library was founded in 1859 in Vinland, Kansas (about 10 miles south of Lawrence) and is still in operation. In fact, it still has the same librarian it's had since 1926. Martha Smith turned 103 on September 15, 2008 and has read and counted all 3,709 books in the one-room library.