Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#181: The Point of Ending

Well, it's the last POB. I have decided to bring it to an end and I'm not bringing it back. I originally planned on bringing it back but decided to just end it and anything I would normally post under the POB banner would just be posted normally under a non-BL tag. Those posts will normally be any short stories I would get published so they won't happen very often.

But there are some more changes coming including two more Story Series (and two more are coming in April) and of course there are the other two blogs I am currently doing which I'm hoping will become more viewed in the next month or so. We here at Tauy Creek are also working to diversify our readers and hope to have a couple more writers under our Tauy Creek banner but I'll keep you posted on that. As you all know, we recently celebrated one year and I see no sign of stopping and predict only good things for this blog even as the country collapses around us.

I started POB back in August of 2006 as my blog on MySpace. After 88 postings on MySpace I moved POB to LiveJournal so I could post more personal stories and I could keep someone from reading those personal posts because I really don't like privatizing things I write. The LiveJournal lasted awhile but only a few people read it because apparently no one like LiveJournal anymore. So I moved it over here with #156 and a majority of the posts focused on my writing or the short stories I've had published but I wasn't exactly happy with the way POB was bounced around and used for other stuff other than personal and/or writing entries. I chose #181 as a finishing point for the series because it's a nice and noticeable number. I hope someday to bring The Point of Beginning back but I want it to be a mix of different things so maybe that's where the new writers will be placed if I ever get that figured out.

Also, just so you know. Starting February 3rd, I will be on vacation because it's me and my fiancee's anniversary so I will be gone until Sunday the 8th.

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