Monday, January 19, 2009

I Know Where She Can Stick That Candle

Born Loser 2006
I love the border of the two throwaway panels. Shows that Chip really cares about his work. Brutus backed down way too easily but we only have a few short panels to discuss where this mysterious lamp came from so someone had to give and God forbid that it be the woman for once.

Brutus & Wilberforce Math Problems
I'm sensing that Chip started hating his job sometime in late 2007. Prior to that, the strips were actually good and were detailed enough to make the strip look less boring. It didn't look like a huge cut-and-paste job it does now. Also, the subtle humor really makes the strip work.

Born Loser 01-19-09
Wilberforce then tackles Hattie and starts beating her. "Make fun of me, will you?" Wilberforce will scream. It will take both Brutus and Gladys to pull Wilberforce off of Hattie. Hattie's nose will never be the same and her neck will only be able to move slightly in each direction.