Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Missed Connection

Enjoy three translated-from-German stories about Walt Disney's Goofy. First, Goofy gets a job as a sideshow freak. Then, he performs at a policeman's ball. Finally, a hypnotized Goofy has to save Mickey from some pirates. Gawrsh!

August 9, 1965

Smart of this guy to just hitch this wardrobe/armoir/whatever onto his back and just carry. You don't want to leave it out on the sidewalk. It might get taken by pushy homosexual Puerto Ricans(?).

Is there a reason Mother Gargle lives in Erie? Is it because she's Mother Gargle?

"Bad timing..." Gladys, you know Brutus and your mother hate each other. Did you think today might be the day they let bygones be bygones and become loving in-laws? What pipe have you been smoking from?