Sunday, March 31, 2024

In the Red

October 22, 1989
I'm not saying writing and drawing a daily comic strip (nearly) every day for 59 years is easy, but this gag was used four years ago. I do appreciate this strip more because of the different angles used, the shot of the house, and whatever is going on in the fourth panel.

Maybe this is payback for when Mother Gargle did this. Brutus was just waiting--biding his time--until she forgot about Brutus' birthday four years ago.

This is serious, Gladys. We could be homeless within six months. We've already had to sell Wilberforce which is why he was out eating with us the other day. And I just don't think we'd get much money for either of us if it came down to that.

It's nice that on this Easter holiday, we are reminded how tenuous our lifestyles really are. How many of us are one paycheck or one bill away from being cast out onto the street? Capitalism has turned us into a country of born losers.

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