Thursday, March 07, 2024

My Signature Looks Like Crap On Those Dumb Screens

August 10, 1965
How long has Mr. Brutus P. Thornapple had his dentures? I guess I shouldn't judge, I had a friend who got dentures at, like, 25 or something. I don't think he's lost them in the Gulf of Mexico or the Ohio River though. You should be able to keep those in your mouth. But, again, I shouldn't judge.

Is this our first mention of Brutus P. Thornapple?

The main reason I give kids about having to learn cursive is for a signature and so they can read older documents. Plus, you never know who writes in cursive so it's just a good skill to know. I don't know how much time, if any, is spent on teaching cursive because I don't work in an elementary school, and cursive isn't on state testing and teachers aren't going to go over stuff that isn't on that test.

And Wilberforce doesn't care about paying for things. He's just going to scan his fingerprint and the money will be deducted from his government income account because robots do everything in the future so no one has to work.