Sunday, March 03, 2024

Third Time's the Charm

August 13, 1989
So Acme makes tea cozies as well? Or does Veeblefester just sell the cozies? Is Veeblefester just a tea cozy middleman--a Dunder Mifflin Tea Cozy Company, if you will?

This sounds like something that could be handled over the phone, Brutus. Or fax.

I saw today's strip and immediately thought it was a rerun. Then I saw the copyright of 2024 and was like, no, I've seen this before. And I have.

I don't understand why a company would spend hundreds of dollars for a plane trip that lasts two hours maximum when you could just use the company car and drive the damn two hours. I feel driving would be cheaper. And doesn't Veeblefester want to be cheaper?

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