Wednesday, March 13, 2024

He Just Leaves Those Stacks of Money On the Desk?

Remember when Wilbur Weston fell overboard off a cruise ship in Mary Worth? Well, you can relive that moment in this repost that has a couple of comic strips plus a history of the temperance newspaper The Crank and where the name Wakansa came from.

August 18, 1965
I feel another Born Loser character is going to wind up tied up. I thought there were more comics where someone was tied up.

Honestly, I would just start squirting him. It would confuse and disorient him and who likes getting wet?

Doesn't Brutus have an office? This strip is very vague about that. I've always pictured Brutus in an office but I guess it's possible he's in a fairly large cubicle. Do his walls go up to the ceiling? Are they detachable?

There is a definite difference between offices and cubicles. It's not that complicated.