Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Mr. Yellow Shirt

Breaking Cat News, March 18, 2024
Look, I hate-read legacy comics like Dennis the Menace, Hi and Lois, and, obviously, The Born Loser all the time, but this is a good take on what is happening to the ever-shrinking comics page because of the ever-shrinking number of newspapers. You can read the article sourced here, and be sure to check out some women-created comics that are listed in it.

August 24, 1965
Jesus Christ, dude. That's not the face of someone determined to ask for a raise but of someone who's going to open fire in the mailroom or from a window on the top floor.

I know those black things on the desk are telephones but they look like cats--like little black maneki-neko cats.

Gladys spends all day at home. How much more does she have to clean?

Yeah, like she's not going to look in the closets.