Saturday, March 23, 2024

Tasty, Terrific Pizza

August 31, 1965
Bemus Point is a village in New York. I'm guessing Art spent some vacations there or something. Maybe he had a second family. This family looks terrible. I hope this isn't what the Mobley family looks like because I absolutely hate them. Especially the screaming/crying one in the foreground.

I love the sexist ass question "How do you make yourself pretty...?" Your husband should love you no matter what you look like. Besides, you're the one at home raising his five damn kids while he's basically having a party at work. She should take that vacation to Bemus Point by herself.

Just let Uncle Ted eat, Brutus! How about we don't turn every little thing into a "you shouldn't eat that" argument? Just let people eat!

Thanks for holding the pizza that way, Uncle Ted. People need to know you are holding a pizza, even if it does mean your toppings are going to slide to one side.