Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Diner Dilemma

Get reacquainted with Brimstone. You know Heathcliff. You know Garfield. Get to know Brimstone. Created by Vahan Shirvanian (1925-2013), Brimstone initially appeared in the comic No Comment a gag-a-day pantomime strip. No Comment began April 9, 1979 and was syndicated by King Features. Eventually the pantomime was dropped and an elephant became a recurring character. Shirvanian then introduced an orange and black cat named Brimstone. No Comment, now fully starring Brimstone, ended on April 25, 1982. Four books reprinting No Comment strips were published, three of them focusing only on Brimstone.

You can read more about Brimstone from King Features here. My post on Brimstone can be found here.

June 28, 1965
He's standing in quicksand in case you can't read that sign. Why are we waiting 200 seconds? This marshal deserves to drown in quicksand. Just count to ten and start blastin'.

No one is making you eat there! Bring your own lunch! Have something DoorDash'd! Just go someplace else! There has to be something just as close as that diner. There just has to be...

The final Brimstone daily from April 24, 1982. Brimstone apparently left the gas station and found
a home with a pretty young girl.