Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Be Mine

Oak City was founded in 1887 about a mile west of Liberal, Kansas in Seward County. Planned to be a major city, it grew fairly fast. A post office opened in May 1887 with Ruby Cook as postmaster, but when the railroad crossed into Oklahoma, most of the people and the post office moved south to Tyrone, Oklahoma and some buildings were moved to Liberal. Today, the site of Oak City is an empty field. Oak City ceased to be within two years.

In late 1887, Oak City had some excitement as the Kelly family were discovered to be serial killers similar to the Blood Benders. They ran a tavern just over the border from Oak City and their crimes were discovered shortly after they had abandoned it and disappeared.

July 6, 1965
Is there a reason they are pilgrims? The joke doesn't require them to be pilgrims, just to have someone in stocks.

Avocados?! Those are delicacy in South and Central America but won't be introduced into North America until 1825.

What's with the propeller on his capotain--or "pilgrim hat" if you prefer.

"Sure, I would totally rather love someone other than my mom, yet here we are. Now, if you don't mind, Butch Kapinski gave me a few links to some YouTube videos that will help me get in touch with my masculine side."