Friday, February 02, 2024

Six More Weeks of Mother Gargle

June 17, 1965
I'm assuming that an "'in' gag" is like an inside joke. I'm also assuming that the man in black made a joke and the other guy is being too boisterous especially considering he shouldn't understand it. Or maybe the other guy read a joke and the man in black isn't laughing because he had to be there to understand it.

I don't know. These old strips are something else. And we're only a month into them!

The groundhog did not see its shadow so spring will come early this year. I'd link an article to prove it but you can look that up yourself. Am I supposed to do everything?

Even Wilberforce is getting tired of the constant barbs between Brutus and Mother Gargle. He and Gladys should leave them and Brutus and Mother Gargle can just jab and insult each other until they die.

It's the same Wilberforce.