Saturday, February 17, 2024

She Sees Dead People

I've been having weird dreams like when we were on lockdown during the pandemic over the last couple of weeks. I blame it being winter and cold, but have we really left March 2020? Have we?

Anyway, last night I had two weird dreams. The first one, I was working in an office job and had just come back from vacation. Why the dream couldn't show me on vacation, I don't know. Maybe it's because I haven't had a vacation since 2018 so my subconscious doesn't remember what one feels like. I came back from vacation and saw that many of my desk tchotchkes had gone missing so the rest of the dream was me trying to figure out what happened to them and no one caring. The next dream was my block was celebrating Voice Day, apparently a day where we dress in sky blue robes and sing in the streets. There was barbecue, rides, games. It looked pretty fun. At least it was until someone showed up and started shooting at people. Even in dreams, we can't be safe from mass shooters.

July 13, 1965
I hope that's someone wearing one of those shark fins you wear around your torso. Not that that makes this scenario any better. Shark or murderous stranger pretending to be a shark?

Mother Gargle's other senses are failing so her sixth one needs to compensate.