Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ugh, They Said 'Tummy' Again

July 19, 1965
As far as know, and I know we've missed a few days here and there, this is the first mention of the name 'Thornapple'. It's a huge milestone. Every July 19, we should celebrate.

Why does this doctor have flasks and beakers and test tubes on his desk. If you are going to go to a doctor with this stuff in his office, you should expect that you are going to unwillingly become part of some freak experiment. This is all on Thornapple, to be honest.

Speaking of Thornapple.....
I was originally thinking this was going to be an age joke, but it instead turned into a fat joke, which I hate more. Not that age jokes are much funnier or appropriate.

This new...whatever Brutus is on here...will not even last a week, I guarantee it.