Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Is That a Loose Cucumber In There?

Wyoming was a town hopeful along the Shawnee (Calhoun) and Jefferson County line in Kansas. Appearing on one map in 1857, lots were advertised but the endeavor was abandoned within a few years.

July 16, 1965
I'm starting to think that The Born Loser is a terrible title for this comic strip. Maybe Foibles and Follies, or That's Life or maybe They'll Do It Every Time...wait, not that. There's nothing really loser-y about what's happening in any of these strips. Just strip after strip of how life screws all of us eventually.

I do love whenever cartoonists need to draw someone buying too much at the store, it's always normal things that you would actually need. I mean, this cart looks like it has some ketchup (or catsup), strawberry milk, a head of lettuce, a loaf of bread, a (A!!) stick of butter, some salt, and two frozen pizzas. There's not really much junk food in there like you would really buy if you went hungry.

Maybe when the Thornapples want junk food, they guzzle down some ketchup. I don't know.