Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Other Orange and Black Cat

I'm not going to be talking about Garfield or even Heathcliff. In 1980, a new orange and black cat hit the papers and was apparently quickly forgotten. Brimstone was created by Vahan Shirvanian and was basically Garfield and Heathcliff pushed together. He wasn't as troublesome as Heathcliff but more cat-like than Garfield. Brimstone lives the full service gas station Kelly's Gas with a man I assume is Kelly. There is very little talking in the comic and just a little thinking mainly from Brimstone. Brimstone is very friendly with the station's mice although he knows how to keep them in their place and Brimstone does like to go out and drink as he is depicted occasionally with an ice pack on his head. I have no idea where I got these books, I am thinking at the library sale but I am not sure. One may have been from a garage sale but I've kept them because I've never seen any reference to Brimstone aside from these books. If the copyright is any indication, Brimstone lasted from 1980 until 1983 and these books came out in 1988. Copyright is owned by King Features Syndicate. So I hope you enjoy some of the comics featuring the cat who Garfield and Heathcliff apparently had put to sleep.
Brimstone is an advocate for safe drinking. That, or he just likes to sleep with little boys.

I love when cats smash their head into things when they're being affectionate. I find it cute until they do it to me and cause me to trip.

This comic really stands out as it was the only one I remembered. When I was young, I thought it was clever but now I just find it sad because it's not at all funny.

But I think this one is my favorite because he picked up a cat in his taxi. And the look on the driver's face when he realizes it is just adorable.

Brimstone even has his own version of Sonja to prowl around with just like Heathcliff. In all honesty, I always thought Sonja was a better girlfriend than Arlene mainly because Arlene had those huge Octo-Mom lips and that's just not sexy.

Brimstone is also good at getting sexy human females to give him the time of day.

I don't get this comic. Did...did Brimstone eat that turtle's tonsils. If so, ew. If not, then what's the "joke"?

Brimstone has now killed himself by hitting his head severely on the side of the panel. That's a common comic strip death. Peanuts went through six Woodstocks before Comic Strip Panel Concussion was formally recognized by the medical community.

I have plenty more Brimstone if anyone wants to see more plus you may be able to find the books on Amazon or something but I can always post more on here if demand is high. Next week, Thursday Comics takes you inside "New Beginning", a 1980s black and white indy comic published by Unicorn Comics. I only have one issue but I am looking for more.