Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#211: 27

I'm going to start writing on my book again.  I've taken several months off from writing it because I wanted to collect ideas and get part three of Wilbur and Kolak figured out before I began writing mainly because I already have to do extensive re-writes on parts one and two that I want to do less rewriting on part three.  I'm sure that won't happen but you gotta do what you gotta do.  And on that note, some of you may have noticed that there hasn't been a Story Series as of late.  I've decided to voluntarily end them mainly because I just wasn't feeling it anymore.  I was getting bored with having to write these serials that people may or may not have read.  I plan on writing what was supposed to be "Stull" #3 and including it in Liberty #11 later this month and "Seven" may make a reappearance in the next couple of months but the others I figure I can rework into a short story or even a decent novel if I really wanted to.  We'll see.

The main reason for my lack of caring with some of the details over here is that I am just not feeling it.  I don't know if it's because I know that I should just be writing on my book or starting my replacement first novel or even doing research for 87 but I'm screwing around online or if I am just getting bored with doing this every day and trying to come up with something to put here.  I know part of it is because I have a full time job now so that's eating away at precious time I could be using to write, draw, mock or review but I now have to do everything in a more compressed time frame and I don't work good in that type of situation.

I also feel, since I am now a year older than I was, that, while I love my life (which is something I never truly thought I'd say), I feel like I'm stuck.  I need a big change in my life and I'm hoping over the next year that can be accomplished.

Until next time, I remain...